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What is Discovery en la Escuela?

About Discovery en la Escuela

Discovery en la Escuela is a major educational project spearheaded by Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic (DNLA/USH) that is marketed through Paid TV.

Corporate Social Responsibility of DNLA/USH

Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanic, faithful to its mission to bring informative entertainment to its viewers through services and content of the highest quality, promotes the social responsibility of the company by supporting its audience in an innovative way through its education program “Discovery en la Escuela”.

Discovery en la Escuela’s Resources

  1. Discovery at the School is a series of educational programming that airs on the Discovery Channel from Monday through Friday.
  2. Discovery en la Escuela has resources for teachers and students on its website

Discovery en la Escuela

Discovery en la Escuela takes programs from the Discovery Channel programming collection, gives them a didactic format that allows teachers and students easy access to the content of each program. As new discoveries emerge, the programs of the Discovery en la Escuela series are being renewed to offer updated information in the different areas of knowledge.

All the programs are reviewed by teachers from different disciplines and in different countries, confirming that each program has the necessary elements to serve as curricular enrichment in the classrooms.

Programming block

Discovery en la Escuela programming is available on Discovery. Please check the programming guide of your cable provider. 100% of Discovery na Escola programming airs in Brazilian Portuguese.

Resources on Discovery en la Escuela’s website

  1. Support guides for program series
  2. Additional resources to take to the classroom
  3. Special sections, infographics and challenges through games
  4. Videos about the methodology of use of the programs
  5. Short videos with subtitles and audio description

The learning process of students

Students learn to use the strategies they have developed on their own while watching television, but with teacher support their critical thinking is awakened in a way that “without realizing it” they expand their learning in an easy and entertaining way while building their own strategies and knowledge.


For more information you can contact Discovery en la Escuela by email